Thanks for your support!
Our 2nd Annual KidsGiving event at TreePaad was a huge success!  Thanks to so many loyal readers for coming out and supporting To Love A Child.  I truly appreciate your support and hope you had as much fun as I did! 
As you can probably figure out due to my lack of posting, I'm taking a little break from MaltaMama in order to turn SaratogaMama into an even more amazing resource for ALL of us.  It's not just about Saratoga Springs, but all of Saratoga County!  I hope you will join me there and support this new venture. 

What about MaltaMama? 
Right now, I'm not sure to be honest!  I may redesign the site and bring it back bigger and better, or I may simply phase out and roll MaltaMama into SaratogaMama.  Either way, I know my amazing readers will be supportive.  I can't thank you all enough for sticking with me!  These past two years have been amazing and I couldn't or wouldn't have done it without you, my wonderful readers and friends. 



11/08/2011 12:39pm

No matter what you decide, we'll be here to support you! Speaking of, I am going to update my google reader right now with Saratoga Mama.
Have a wonderful day, Colleen!

03/22/2012 12:27am

its really a great approach, its very useful for the many families which want to learn a new thing to their child. thanks for your effort.

11/29/2013 3:00pm

yes!!thansk))try more!!!

06/04/2012 5:23am

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