Round Lake Library
I'd like you all to meet Sandra Debusmember of the WRLIS Campaign Team for the Round Lake Library.  She is here to share some important information about upcoming budget cuts that could seriously impact the library we all love! 
Your Library needs you now, more than ever!  The proposed 2012 Town budget cuts $60,000 from the Library funding, a cut of more than 20% over this year’s funding! 

In preparing for 2012, the Library has already slashed expenses to meet expected funding levels.  With $60,000 more to cut, the only option remaining is to eliminate 27 hours of operation, which will be split between the two buildings. This was not a decision that was made easily by the Trustees! 

The Library was thrilled to be able open full time in July 2010, as it helped meet the needs expressed by the users.  It just feels wrong to have to cut them back only eighteen months later!  We are currently open 10-8 weekdays and a few hours on Saturdays, but will now have to cut a day and a few hours from both locations.

We believe that you can help!

If all the Malta moms banded together, we could convince the Town Board to restore the funding.  We need Moms and Dads to attend Board meetings, question Malta political candidates about their support for the library, and write letters to the editors of local newspapers.

We also need everyone to vote YES on the Library ballot proposition on Election Day.  Voting YES lets the people decide instead of the politicians. Be sure to check the back of your ballot for the Library proposition.

For more information on the Library Vote, pick up a copy of our FAQs at the Library or call the election hotline at 518-768-1897. 

To receive the Library newsletter and calendar of events, log on to the website at, and click on “newsletter.”

Thanks for supporting Your Library!



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