On the corner of Beekman Street and Division Street in Saratoga is park called West Side Rec.  This is probably one of my favorite summer time spots because in addition to many shaded areas and a decent playground, this park has water!   A large interactive fountain sits in the middle of the grass, a refreshing invitation for hot, sticky kids.  This park is a good size, and as I mentioned, has plenty of shaded areas, some benches and picnic tables.  The playground equipment is basic and there is a good sized sand box.  There is a bathroom but it is a bit of a walk and a small step up from a porta potty.  Despite that, West Side Rec is a nice spot and well worth a visit.

Other Fountain Parks of Saratoga:

Geyser Road Park:  The playground is basic and small, but the fountain is the main attraction.  Not a ton of shade here, but nice bathrooms that are very close by.  It tends to be less busy than East Side or West Side Rec. 

East Side Rec: Located on the corner of Lake Ave (aka Route 29) and Granger Ave in Saratoga is East Side Rec.  It's a nice park for a hot summer day because of the fountain.  Tennis courts, baseball fields, and a very small playground located too far from the fountain to enjoy are the general amenities.  It does have bathrooms, but they are quite a walk away underneath the baseball field grandstand.  Still a good park on a hot summer day. 



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