You may have seen this awesome logo floating around and wondered what it was for?  Well, Binx is a soon-to-be modern baby store in the Capital Region!  Think trendy, high quality, modern, fun/funky/functional stuff.  Unique items you can't find in any big box baby store. 

Though the store isn't open yet, Binx is currently offering Baby Concierge Services.  Now you’re probably wondering what Baby Concierge is?

Binx Baby Concierge Services Include
-- Baby Shower Planning
-- Nursery Design, Set-Up, and Prep
-- Babyproofing Assessment
-- Birth Announcements
-- Gear Consultations
-- Childcare Sourcing
-- Greening Your Home for Baby
-- Finding a Pediatrician
-- Adoption Nursery Planning and more!

Angie rocking her Binx Onesie
And now that you're sold on the fact that you could benefit from Baby Concierge Services, why not enter to WIN a $200 gift certificate towards it!!

Now through April 15th,  photograph your baby wearing the Binx Onesie and post it on the Binx Facebook Page.  (Pregnant mama's can hold the onesie up to their belly!) Need a Binx Onesie?  Just email Ilissa Goman at  binx@nycap.rr.com and she'll send you one in the mail! Simple as that.  This is one contest you don't want to miss! 



03/21/2011 7:57am

So excited about Binx! The logo is so cool and look at Angie in the onesie! CUTIE!!!

03/21/2011 2:05pm

Angie looks AWESOME!!! Love that smile :)

03/21/2011 7:15pm

This is such a great giveaway I am so happy to share it! (Plus I do agree that Angie looks darn cute in that onesie) Thanks for the comments!

10/08/2012 3:55am

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