I love that I have sometimes have the opportunity to receive and review some amazing products for kids, like these blankets from Peacock's Crafty Heart!  Angie got to 'review' the pink one and Robby the guitar print.  They are both beautifully sewn with great attention to detail.  As a (beginner) sewer myself, I can appreciate the workmanship.  They are both very generously sized as you can see from the picture below, Angie has a lot of room to grow! 
Angie's review:  I really love my new blanket.  Mommy put it on the floor and it made such a comfy surface to play on my tummy and practice my army crawl.  When I fell on my face accidentally, it was soft as a cloud.  I now use it as my one and only crib blanket because mommy said I'm old enough to use a big girl blanket.  The pattern is perfect for me because it is hip and trendy without being to princessy. 
Robby's review: I love guitars.  When I saw this blanket, I pretended to 'play' one of the guitars.  I pretty much won't sleep or nap without it now.  It's really comfy and nice, and the pattern is rockstar, like me. 
Mom's review: These are not blankets you would find at Babies r Us.  They are unique, handmade, quality products that you will WANT to keep for a long time and even pass down to a niece, nephew or friend.  As you can see from the packaging above, they would make great gifts.  The patterns are modern and funky and again, not the stuff you see in every store.  They are both backed with the softest, most cozy material.  They are warm and cozy but not too heavy. 

Angie cuddling with her new favorite blanket.
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02/22/2011 3:54pm

Awe, Angie looks so cute and cozy under her blanket!

07/05/2012 3:25am

Nice offer given by the company.And the coupons are looking really worth buying.Thanks for the blog post.

02/22/2011 4:19pm

Thanks Wendy! She loves it :-)


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