Kids' Creekside Village
Kelley Park playground, called 'Kids' Creekside Village' in Ballston Spa is a mecca for the playground enthusiast.  This huge playground was completed in 2008, replacing a very old (and probably dangerous) wooden playground.  The cool thing about it is that it was built by community donations led by a group of volunteers Friends and Neighbors of Ballston Spa or (FANS). 

The playground has some standard fare, twirling slides, swings and climbing contraptions, but it has some very unique things too, like giant xylophones with big mallets for kids to play, a large sandbox, and a special area for just for toddlers.  It's located on the Kaydeross River but the actual playground is fenced in.  There's a skate park and some hiking trails as well as a big field.  Picnic tables are usually available for lunch or a snack.

The playground is across the river from the Ballston Spa Town Pool...if you know where that is!  The address is 39 Ralph Street, 12020.  Best bet is to MapQuest the directions.  It's not necessarily hard to find, but directions would vary depending on what way you're coming from.  This place gets busy on the weekends or school breaks, but is big enough to accommodate quite a few crazy kids.  Go early in the day (before 11am) or dinner time to beat the crowds.



05/14/2012 5:25am

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Dana Green
05/07/2013 12:58pm

I have been living in Ballston Spa now for about 6 years and just heard about this park so I went to check it out and it looks great.. Way bigger then the burgess kimble park and it has a swimming pool. Awesome..... Dog park Awesome..... Cant wait to bring my son there this weekend. When does the pool open?


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