If you've been to Wilton Mall in Saratoga anytime in the past few months you're crazy to have missed Super Bounce which has nearly taken over the food court!  I've been avoiding the food court the past few visits knowing full well that if my son even glanced at the bounce stuff he'd be begging to go.  I decided to succumb to the bounce and took him.  The sign quotes two rates, $5 for an hour or $8 for an all-day pass, however they offer a $3 1/2 hour pass as well that is not advertised.  I opted for the 1/2 pass because I did not feel like he needed a full hour of bounce.  I was right, 1/2 hour was plenty.  It was a nice experience and he had a blast.  There are three bounce areas; the big Lightning McQueen slide (which my son loved), an open area that has some farm-like bouncy things, more appropriate for the litlte one's and a third sports-themed bounce area.  Our visit was mid-week and around 11am and at that time it was not too busy at all.  Weekends and evenings may be a differen story.  

Another neat thing they offer is babysitting for $8/hour per child.  I don't think that's bad at all if you have an errand to run in the mall or just want a moment to shop by yourself.  In my case, it would have saved me a trip home with ill-fitting Abercrombie jeans that I was unable to try on in the store due to my children. (and to the fact that the cologne smell and blasting house music nearly made me pass out).  Let's not talk about the fact that after two kids and weight to lose that I actually thouht low-rise Abercrombie jeans would fit... haha, yeah right.  Back to the bounce.  Overall our experience was pleasant and I can see us visiting again on an upcoming raining day.  

To reserve babysitting or for more info, call: 518-265-3911



10/04/2010 2:38pm

So sorry to hear about the Abercrombie jeans :(

10/05/2010 9:38am

Thanks for the low down on the that. Rowan freaked the day he saw it. As for A&F, I went home many a night with a headache after working there.

10/05/2010 10:49am

We love this place!

Roger Allan
10/05/2010 10:25pm

Thank you for the kind words! We enjoy being in Wilton Mall and we hope to stay for a long time to come.

Roger Allan, Owner
Super Bounce!

Lauren Pihlaja
06/06/2011 3:03pm

I had a very poor experience at the Rotterdam Square Mall Super Bounce. The Manager, Brenda had some of the worst customer service skills that I have ever encountered. She was offensive, attacked my character and called me names because I asked to come in 5 minutes early to help set up my son's birthday party and became upset when she denied permission. Two days prior to the party I had such an awful phone conversation with her that I was afraid she would cancel my party. On the actual party date, 1-2 hours before the starting time she called to inform us that we would not have the gift bags for the party (which were included in the package) because they didn't have any. She was able to rectify this situation after being verbally threatening to my husband over the phone. During the party, there were no staff members supervising the equipment. There were no mats or protective equipment surrounding a large inflatable slide. Several children sustained mild injuries. This was the worst party experience I have ever had accompanied by the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. Having worked with clients personally, I would never treat a customer the way that I was treated.

Janet Ensmenger
04/07/2012 11:22pm

Brenda is no longer employed by Super Bounce. They have great new party store and a wonderful staff. Kids love it.

08/12/2011 11:18am

We've only been to the Rotterdam Super Bounce and I'm so happy it's there... it's super close to my house and gives me somewhere to take the kids on rainy or really hot days! It will be a blessing in the winter... the only thing is, I wish there was more padding around on the floor as my son bounced off the front of Superman and landed on the floor and broke his arm... we didnt report it because we didnt know it was actually broke until 2 days later! Fun place for the kids though and thinking of going to Wilton Mall today as I hear it's even better than Rotterdam!

11/04/2012 11:37am

how old of kids are recommended for this? is there stuff for younger kids or is there a limit like 4+

11/04/2012 2:42pm

There is stuff for kids probably 18 months and up. They do have a smaller bounce area designated for little kids.


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