Angeline Marie Pierre
Angeline Marie Pierre
I had an interesting birth experience with Angie and wanted to give credit where credit is absolutely due.  I had a natural birth with my son Robby two years ago and wanted the same.  We hired a doula by the name of Grace Hannon with Robby and since we had such a great experience we hired her again.  Grace was absolutely amazing before, during and still is amazing now after the birth of Angie.  I'm pro-breastfeeding and my nursing career with Angie would have ended early because she was born tongue tied (proper name Ankyloglossia).  I had no idea, but thanks to Grace who discovered this issue the day after Angie was born, we got it taken care of by an amazing pediatric dentist in Albany Dr. Kotlow.  More about him later.  Pregnant ladies, a doula may seem unnecessary, especially if this is your second or third baby, but I urge you to consider hiring someone.  There is no better advocate in your health care than someone YOU hire and bring into the labor/delivery process.  Grace knew what kind of birth we wanted, what kind of care we needed, post-partum support, breastfeeding support, etc.  No one at St Mary's hospital seemed to care at all about my birth, baby, or me as a patient so Grace was absolutely invaluable.  (My experience at St Mary's sucked by the way, and was drastically different than my experience with my son two years ago... email me if you want more info on that!)  Contact Grace at 518-265-3046 or

On to Dr. Kotlow.  His practice is located on Fuller Road in Albany across from Stuyvesant Plaza.  He is the only game in town to do a laser tongue tie correction and he squeezed me in the day after discharge to do it.  He's a wonderful dentist who is super proactive when it comes to correcting issues that could impact breastfeeding, like a tied tongue.  I can't thank him enough for helping baby Angie.  Visit their website for more info. 
Thanks for supporting and listening to my tale!  I will write more posts this week and am very eager to get back in the full swing of things.  I also have a very exciting giveaway coming up that you won't want to miss.  



08/30/2010 7:58am

LOVE this pic...she is so beautiful. Can't wait to meet her in person!

08/30/2010 8:57am

This is wonderful advice to expecting Mom's. So often nursing staff will write off a baby's inability to breastfeed as a problem with the Mom's milk supply or the baby can't latch. Kudos to you and your support person for catching the issue and knowing how to get it corrected. Way to go Mom.... She's a beauty and has a great family too!!!!

08/30/2010 9:10am

She is so beautiful!! Congrats!

08/30/2010 9:44am

She is beautiful! Hooray for Doulas and good dentists who support nursing mothers! So sorry to hear St Mary's was a disappointment! I'm curious to hear what happened and really want to meet your sweet little girl!

08/30/2010 12:30pm

Cute picture!! Wow surprised to hear about St. Mary's. I had my daughter there 2 years ago and was awesome. Lot must have changed!

08/30/2010 1:04pm

Thanks for the comments gals! Yes, a lot has changed at St Mary's. I think it's the luck of the draw, and I happened to be there on a bad day. I have no doubt that some could still have a good experience there, but it all depends on what staff is working. In any case, complaints aside I am thrilled to be a new mama again! Thanks again for the comments :-)

08/30/2010 1:59pm

She is absolutely beautiful! I really liked hearing about your experience and am glad you had a wonderful Doula. That kind of one on one care is just not the same at the hospital.

09/02/2010 5:22pm

What a great picture! She's so beautiful!


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