Turning Point Parade
This weekend in Schuylerville is the 16th annual Turning Point Parade and festival.  The parade is on Sunday, August 1st at 1pm, but Saturday there will be events starting at 10am.  Apparently this parade is pretty impressive and is one of the largest in Upstate NY.  It lasts for an hour and a half and features 15 musical groups and over 100 other marching units. 

The festival on Saturday/Sunday includes carnival rides, entertainment, horse rides, craft vendors, food, the parade on Sunday at 1pm, and a fireworks display on Sunday evening.  It will take place in Fort Hardy, which is off of Route 29.  It's only 15 minutes outside of Saratoga so definitely doable.  Sounds like it will be a lot of fun.  We'll definitely make it at some point this weekend and you should too!



07/29/2010 2:29pm

That sounds like so much fun! Have a good time there!


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