Gavin Park
Gavin Park is located in Wilton off of exit 15.  You'll turn left off the exit heading towards downtown Saratoga and turn right at the second light onto Gick Road.  Take Gick Road for a couple miles and turn right onto Lewis Road and that's the entrance to Gavin Park.  The park is a huge complex with well-maintained fields, courts, pavilions, a gymnasium and a nice playground.  There's tons of parking, bathrooms, and the pavilion right near the playground has vending machines for soft drinks.  I've never actually been inside the gym, but it looks nice from the outside.  

Where's the picture of the playground?  Two reasons I don't have it.... my camera was extremely low on batteries AND the were running a day camp program while we visited so it was nearly impossible to get picture without including day camp participants = creepy.  While Gavin Park is really nice, your bet bet is to avoid it during the day (9am-3pm) Monday-Friday until August 13th because of the day camp.  There were tons of rowdy kids and hollering counselors when we went, and my son was a bit too overwhelmed to enjoy it.  The playground equipment is very nice and fairly new, and there are swings, a sandbox, and a few different playground options for kids of all ages.  I know that Saratoga Mama sometimes has meet-up events at this park and they seem to like it.  Overall Gavin Park is another great playground option.  I'm sure they have programs for little one's in the fall, so I will definitely look into it and post anything of interest. 
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08/17/2010 3:23pm

We tried out Gavin park today, thanks to your article. I was very impressed with the cleanliness, safety, and ammenities of this park. I would give it an A+! Thanks, MaltaMama!


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