Not ready to take the plunge into a body of water? Saratoga Springs has four interactive fountain parks which provide a free spot for kids to cool down, a playground and benches and/or picnic tables. For a lot less commitment than going to a pool or beach, you can still keep your kids cool. The four parks are:
- Geyser Park, off of Geyser Road (shown in picture)
- West Side Rec. on the corner of Division Street and Beekman Street
- East Side Rec. on Lake Ave and Caroline Street
- South Side Rec. located at 15 Vanderbilt Ave. 

My personal favorite is West Side Rec or Beekman Street Playground as I like to call it.  It has lots of shade, a nice playground, a large fenced-in play area and of course, a fountain to cool off.  Least favorite: Geyser Park.  The playground is way too small and there is very little shade and not enough benches.  However if it's a fountain you need, and that's all, Geyser Park delivers.  Plus there are bathrooms very close by. 



07/12/2010 9:25am

Thank you for your parks and playground information. I had printed out the other ones you have posted and we went to 2 of them. I never knew about these so we shall add these to our list!! Love summer fun!!

07/12/2010 12:49pm

Hey Tammy,
Thanks for the feedback! I really like the fountain parks too because they are so easy (and safe) with the kids! I'll be posting about pools later in the week.
Thanks for reading-

07/12/2010 1:42pm

Fountains are a great idea! My kids love them! Have a good week :)

Jeff L.
07/28/2012 11:02am

Thank you very much for the info. Actually the only info. Saw an article in a local paper about the spray pods but they did not list the acutal locations, I took a chance and went to east side rec park but it was like 6pm and it just closed. No info on the city site on this, thank you for your time and effort!

07/28/2012 11:07am

Hey Jeff,
Thanks for the comment! I actually have a lot more park and playground listings on my new site, SaratogaMama. http://www.saratogamama.com/guide/saratoga-park-and-recreation/
Thanks for leaving the comment!

Jeff L.
07/28/2012 11:29am

thank you very much, I will check out the new site now! also, never knew about about Tree Paad, looks great, can't wait to bring the kids! thanks to your site!

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