The Saratoga County Fair doesn't start until July 20th this year, but you can enjoy a 'fair' atmosphere this weekend at the Ballston Spa Family Fun Day.  It's on Sunday, June 27th from 3pm-9pm.  The event has fun for the entire family with games, food, music, contests and prizes.  The day will end with a fireworks display.  Admission is free, but I would imagine the games and food will cost money.  It still sounds like a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Get directions to the fairgrounds here if you need them.  

This event is sponsored by the Village of Ballston Spa, Town of Milton, Town of Ballston. For more information, contact the Village of Ballston Spa office at 885-5711.


Stefanie Watson
06/24/2010 3:12pm

You mean June 27th! What a great event for the weekend :)

10/04/2012 7:54am

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06/24/2010 3:25pm

Yes, JUNE 27th Stef! Thanks for catching my error.

06/25/2010 11:43pm

Do you know if its toddler friendly or is it for older kids?

06/26/2010 12:35pm

Hey Rebecca,
It sounds definitely like a 'family' event with stuff for kids of all ages. I would not hesitate to bring Robby or any toddler. There will be plenty to see to keep little one's entertained for a bit.

05/14/2012 5:55am

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