The Martin Jewett Park in Clifton Park is a smaller playground located on Longkill Road.  From Malta, I took Eastline Road the whole way, and found the park on my left. From Clifton Park, you would take Ushers Road to the end and then turn right onto Longkill and the park would be on your right.  Don't go rushing out though, it's far from the best playground in the area!  It's probably more known for its nice tennis courts and baseball fields (2), and less for its playground equipment.  Hit the bathroom before going because there's only one porta-potty at this joint.

The picture on the bottom shows the two main playground offerings; one old and one slightly newer.  They have two of these covered picnic tables shown n the photo, a 'sand' box (or dirt mound that once was sand), and some swings.  Robby kept tripping on the uneven wood chip surface which tells me that he's either very clumsy or it hasn't been properly maintained.  Could be a little of both, but I hadn't seen him fall like that at other places. 

If this was your closest neighborhood playground, it would be perfectly fine.  However, I would not make a special trip to Jewett Park if there are other closer options.  Check out some my other reviews either be clicking on the green Parks & Playgrounds link to your right, or click here.        



06/08/2010 2:26pm

I love the tip go to the bathroom before you go! That is great and very informative! Although I don't live in Malta I think you do a wonderful job, and I enjoy your blog. It makes me miss upstate NY! Keep up the great work!

06/08/2010 2:59pm

Thanks Wendy! Awesome job with your site too. I'm so envious of your photography skills! From the looks of it, you're not missing much in upstate, NY! Take care-


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