East Side Rec
In my circle of friends, this park is known as the Lake Ave Fountain Park, but it is really just East Side Rec on the corner of Lake Ave (aka Route 29) and Granger Ave in Saratoga.  It's a nice park for a hot summer day because of the fountain of course!  Other than that however, this park does not offer much for the little ones.  Tennis courts, baseball fields, and a very small playground located too far from the fountain to enjoy are the general amenities.  It does have bathrooms (great for a pregnant woman at a fountain) but they are quite a walk away underneath the baseball field grandstand.  Despite these few shortcomings, a picnic lunch and bathing suit for the kids are really all that's needed for this to be a very fun summer activity. 

I personally enjoy the Beekman Street Playground/Fountain more than East Side Rec but if a fountain is all your child needs to keep entertained, East Side Rec is great!  Parking is best and less busy on Granger Ave.  The entrance to the fenced-in park is also on Granger.     



08/27/2012 7:16am

Interesting post and thanks for sharing. Some things in here I have not thought about before.I liked the posts and cool layout


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