If you haven't already been to Virgil's House in Saratoga, todays rain may be just the excuse!  Robby and I went after a trip to the Saratoga Children's Museum and it was a great place to unwind and have a snack.  It's located on 86 Henry Street, across from Parting Glass.  Easily walkable from the Children's Museum or the Saratoga Library.  I like VH because there are no cell phones or laptops allowed.  It is extremely kid-friendly with a back room that has board books, puzzles, cars, and other miscellaneous toys for kids to play with.  My usually hard to keep in one place child was well entertained while I enjoyed a delicious cup of chai tea.  We split a yogurt & granola parfait which was also quite good.  The vibe is beatnik and homey with an eclectic mix of furniture and seating arrangements.  Saratoga natives, remember Madeline's coffee shop on Broadway back in the day?  Virgil's House reminds me of that.  I love places that make it easy (and even fun) to bring children.  I will definitely go back to relax.  We went mid-week and practically had the place to ourselves though it's probably much busier on weekends/evenings.  

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06/28/2010 7:44pm

This looks like a very cool place. Robby must have loved it there :)


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