I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I wanted to start off this week with a Parks & Playgrounds post because the weather is going to be fantastic.  We had a busy weekend, but got a lot done around the yard.  Later this week I'll share my favorite local place for outdoor plants.  But let's get rolling on this week's P&P.

I took Robby to the Wood Road Elementary School (my alma mater) playground last week what a find it was!  Nothing like what I remembered, although it would be a fossil by now if it was still standing.  (yes, I'm that old)  If you head out of Ballston Spa on Route 67 going toward Galway, you will pass by the BSpa elementary schools on your right.  The street name is Wood Road off of 67.  Drive straight past the complex and around the back and you'll first hit the playground in the top photo.  This one looks almost brand new and was very cool.  We went around 5pm on a weeknight and there was no one there.  Some nice slides and climbing things, swings, basketball court, and a picnic table.  No infant swings, which makes sense at an elementary school.  Also, no bathrooms unless you sneak in the school, which I wouldn't recommend.  Visibility is good here too. 
If you keep driving around the back of the schools, you'll hit another playground complex seen in the bottom photo.  This one is nice, but slightly more disjointed and probably a little older than the other playground.  There are some funky looking playground apparatus here that look almost like torture devices.  They're not, but there's definitely some stuff here for older kids, not really toddler-friendly.  I don't think visibility is very good here.  If you have a runner, he/she may get pretty far on their own!  A couple picnic tables, basketball and no bathrooms.  I personally like the other playground better, as it just seems more manageable.  

Obviously a visit to the elementary schools during the school day is out of the question.  But for evenings, weekends, and when school is out of session, this is another playground option to keep in mind.  Where should I go next?  Any park/playground suggestions?  Leave a comment or email me!  colleen@maltamama.com 



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