On the corner of Beekman Street and Division Street in Saratoga is a large plot of land known perhaps only to me as the Beekman Street Playground or BSP.  My apologies if a proper name exists for this parcel.  The BSP is a giant fenced-in (no joke, only one tiny entrance in) park complex with lots of amenities.  Despite two rather disappointing playground structures, BSP offers tennis courts, baseball fields, basketball courts, a cool sandbox, bathrooms, picnic tables and benches.  I mentioned the playground part being a little dreary compared to some of the better parks around, but BSP is still a fun and perhaps different stomping ground.  But wait, there's more!  BSP gets 100x's better after Memorial Day weekend when the giant splash fountain springs forth!  A large cement circle that sprays water on sweaty kids and pregnant moms... does it get any better? 

We visited BSP in the early evening and caught some of a little league baseball game which Robby loved.  Unfortunately his baseball dreams landed him in a few 'time-outs' when he decided to pitch green beans across the kitchen.  I can't wait to hit this park again when the weather is consistently above freezing, or June. 



05/11/2010 8:25am

LOL--how is Robby minding the timeouts? So far just Gracie has experienced them and she sits!

05/11/2010 3:51pm

Robby just sits quietly and pouts on the couch. It's actually kind of cute. He totally understands that he's done something wrong. After two minutes in 'solitary' we talk about what he did!


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