Fun on the bus trip!
Top: Robby and I waiting for the bus
I decided to give in to Robby’s ‘bus obsession’ and took him on a trip to Saratoga and back on the CDTA bus yesterday.  There’s a route for us Saratoga County people despite the fact that few of us actually use the bus line.  I went on the CDTA website and found that our route started at the Malta Community Center and went straight up to Congress Park in Saratoga. 

We caught the bus at 1:10pm, paid our $1.50 fare, and were pestering the ducks in the park by 1:25pm!  
We played in the park, went to Uncommon Grounds, danced to the guitar player on Broadway, visited the library, and caught our return bus at 4:35pm in Congress Park. 

It was a fun way to spend the afternoon and something different for Robby to enjoy.  I was prepared for the occasion with a backpack full of snacks, milk, water, camera, jacket, etc.  The $1.50 fare is for an adult, children under 5 are free.  I can definitely see us taking the bus again, especially in the summer when traffic and parking are hellish in Saratoga.  I love that it picks up and drops off right at the Malta Community Center, although you have to wait on the other side of the road by the sidewalk.  The route I took runs Monday thru Friday.  I recommend giving a bus trip a try! 



03/28/2010 5:04pm

Hi colleen!! it's molly roy! i miss you so much. are you going to the easter dinner at grandma's? email me back if you get a chance to! robby is adorable! he has gotten so big! that must have been fun going on the bus! my brother would love that if we did it with him! i can't wait to see you soon!- Molly

07/14/2012 8:00am

This is extremely beautiful and full-on emotion write up for me. Sometimes I travel with my 10 month old daughter in buses and the way she is enjoying can't expressed in words.


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