This may seem kind of dorky to post about a picnic table, but my family recently found this one at BJ's Wholesale Club in Wilton and it is fantastic!  You've all seen the big plastic kids picnic tables (probably at a garage sale!) that last maybe a season or two.  This table is by Lifetime (they make good quality folding tables/chairs, etc).  This table is 22lbs. and holds up to 90 pounds on each bench.  I didn't know that and sat my butt down and the table didn't even buck.  (for the record, I am no where near 90 pounds.)  I love that it folds up nearly flat for easy storage. 

In any case, you can order the table on BJ's website for $69.99 but you can also get a free 60-day trial membership at BJ's starting now until July 5th.  This table is definitely worth considering if you do a lot of outdoor entertaining or eating.  Let me know if this type of post is helpful or just plain dorky!  colleen@maltamama.com   



03/24/2010 6:26pm

haha - Not dorky at all, Colleen! Who doesn't love picnics? Thanks for the tip!

03/25/2010 11:45am

Thanks for the note Rachel. I'm glad someone found it useful :-)

Kristel Thomas
03/26/2010 2:01pm

Not dorky! Love it, and just wanted to add - my parents found this at BJ's a couple weeks back and bought one for my son for when he comes up to their house. The one they previously had was constantly falling apart when they folded it up, even though it was advertised to "fold up easy for storage!". This one is definitely much more durable and totally worth the money. Good find!


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